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Team NKJ is a pioneer in providing paramount professional and consultancy services in the field of Costing to organizations like World Bank, World Health Organization, Central Government Departments, State Governments, Multinationals and Domestic Corporate.

Team NKJ has consists of professionals having in totality more than 100 years of experience in the field of Costing System Installations, conducting Reviews of Costing related modules in various ERP Software like SAP, BAAN, Navision etc… Preparation of GAP Analysis Reports in respect of costing, Cost Consultancy, Cost Audits, Indirect Taxes Consultancy, Special Audits, Investigative Audits.

With innovative ideas and clear understanding of organization’s and statutory needs, NKJ Team provides the better solutions and highly dependable services to its clientele.

As a result of a well-thought strategy, our organization started diversifying in some essential service areas like Inventory Valuation, Indirect Taxation, Corporate Consultancy, Maintenance of Cost Records Certification of Records, Auditing, Special Audit, Budgeting, and Business Process Re-engineering. The indispensable values, sense of community, the shared goals, the pride of achievement, the spirited exchange of ideas and the skills, binds the team in a web of loyalty and mutual responsibility. When skills are combined, the effort is easier.

Thanks to our valued customers efforts of our team of employees and the pursuit to excellence comes miles closer.


We provide following services:
On behalf of management (Major Activities) -

1. Conducting Reviews of various ERP Software for Costing. E.g. SAP, BAAN, Navision
2. Determining proper overheads rates.
3. Fixation of contract price.
4. Determining unit cost of production
5. Improving quality of cost accounting system.
6. Scrutiny of Software Packages
7. Inventory Valuations
8. FAR Verifications

  Cost Records
  Cost Records Sec 209 (1) (D)
  Cost Audit Sec 233 (B)
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